protech technology


Using cutting-edge simulation software, Protechnic can work with your teams to tailor a solution to your specific project goals. Throughout this process, each aspect of the project, design, and testing is strictly controlled and measured by our dedicated in-house simulation team.

  • Shorter time frame when compared to traditional design and prototyping process

  • Avoids costs associated with wind tunnel testing and creating
    multiple CNC mockups

  • Employs Computational Fluid Dynamics – combines aerodynamic theory
    and numerical computation into a single, powerful virtual tool

  • Adds additional data not available in traditional methods via
    Pathlines Velocity Diagrams (P, Q, Torque)

Patented Sealing Technology

Protechnic produces industry-leading Ingress Protection (IP) fan technology that can provide up to the highest standard of IP68. IP68 provides full protection against dust and other solid particles and protection against fully submerged applications. These IP fans undergo continuous harsh environment testing to simulate the stress in:

  • Fully submerged underwater stresses
  • Salt fog and moisture
  • Extensive and severe dust and other exposures to very fine particles

Protections offered up to an industry leading IP 68 rating.


protech bearing

Each aspect of a project and design is held to the highest standards and strictly controlled by rigorous QA guidelines to ensure that our solutions meet the customer’s needs. A dedicated in-house simulation team allows for in-depth testing to occur while minimizing costs.


  • Customization – create a solution that appropriately serves the needs of your project
  • Balanced Approach – Tune performance and materials to provide a solution that suits your bottom line

How Our FDB Bearings Reduce Noise

The internal shaft and FDB bearing itself remain separated through the use of high quality lubrication oil as an intermediary medium.

How we use Rifle bearings

Similar in type to traditional sleeve bearings, yet are enhanced with added benefits that achieve a longer lifespan and lower operating temperatures while maintaining an attractive cost when compared to other bearings.

Electronic Customization

Protechnic engineers, through dedicated development and production teams, can tailor fan specifications to a wide variety of applications and operational needs. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Operating Temperature
  • Operating Environment
  • Input Voltage
  • PWM
  • Low RPM Fluctuations
  • Energy Savings

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Non-linear PWM
  • Wide input voltage range 3V ~ 75V
  • Flexible single, dual, triple, multiple pole to achieve customer requirements
  • Temperature tolerance of up to 125˚C
  • Close Loop Control (Precision +- 5%)

Benefits Achieved through motor customizations:

  • 69% wattage savings over traditional AC by adding a voltage regulator to integrated motor PCB

  • Up to 4x performance when utilizing the same power consumption as AC

  • Up to 33% the power requirements of AC while maintaining the same RPM

  • PWM function built-in to the fan structure